Most repairs carried out on recorders are invisible because the work has been done inside the instrument to act on the sound quality.



However here are some common custom repairs that can be seen :

Reparing split on the beak

In most case an instrument with a cracked beak can be brought back to life by turning down the beak and fitting a sleeve to make it airtight. This can then be turned to the original profile.

(Click on each picture to see how this can be done)

Great cleaning/oiling

Or how a thorough cleaning can give a new youth (visual and auditory!) to a recorder ...

(Before/after, click on the photos)


Relooking "of a Renaissance bombard (tenor)

This old bombard looked sad and sick... after a few hours of intervention, it has regained colors!

Replacing a cork seal with a wire seal

(Click on the photos to enlarge them and to follow the steps)

Laying of a bone ring at the thumb hole

Laying of a bone insert to rebuild the thumb hole.

(Before / After - click on the photos)

Installation of a brass reinforcement ring

Setting up of a brass ring to consolidate a slit and improve the aesthetics of the instrument.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them and see the steps!)

Realization of a cap with a direct mouthpiece for a bass recorder

This cap allows you to play the bass without brass tube, but with the window turned towards the listeners and not toward you like when played without a cap.

(Click on the pictures!)

Copying of a traverso cap

In resin, this little tip (decorative end of the head of a traverso) had broken while falling.

I made one identical in boxwood to replace it.

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